HBCU Kings & Queens Tailor Made Royal Retreat

First of all,  Fashion is my passion! I believe style and fashion is a way of life that invokes an energy of freedom and creativity.  Since attending an HBCU starting in 1993, I have always been captivated by the Queen and her royal court. During my formative years in college I would work with the royal court and watch the advisors as they would train each queen for the upcoming year.  It literally was truly fascinating for me. First because I loved fashion and secondly because I loved the prestige, which came along with title of campus queen.

Of course, once I was given a chance to work for the university the first chance given I wanted to serve as an advisor to the royal court. I loved every minute of it to be given an opportunity to introduce to a new work of style, poise and excellence.  For a moment there it was really a sincere mission of mine to train and develop students of excellence through the leadership of the campus royal court.

As a result, my time at Fort Valley State University as one of the royal court advisors, I felt there was a missing link to the queens court.  There was so much attention placed on the queen with no attention place on her escort.  Whom for the most part viewed as an escort or SGA President. In my mind that was unacceptable.  How can you have a campus queen without the distinction of celebrating the presence of a King. What is a Queen without a King. I went into action to create a space to highlight the existence of a king on the campus of Fort Valley State University.

I won! The year 2008 the first King of Fort Valley State University was birth in the name of Alex Little.  This was a significant moment not only for me but the university as a whole.  It is important to highlight men of color.  With the state of the black man, we must create opportunities to shine light and to empower men of color with the internal awareness he can do anything.  There are no limits.

Today at the Tailor Made Royal Retreat to be invited to speak on the Personification of Style was indeed a pleasure. What an amazing experience! Take a moment to review images from my presentation in Atlanta, Georgia.

  Photographer Michael Seabrook


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