Hello May 2023 | A New Destination, TAKE THE LEAD!

Internally, I feel the breaking of new ground, new sources and new opportunities buzzing in the air. I am here to declare for you, this month we are walking into something new and not borrowed. For the many years of sweat equity invested in projects that you thought will never work or merely a waste of time. Be assured, God has not forgotten YOU.

Welcome to your season of the Exodus! At the entrance of the month of May, I kept hearing the word “exodus”. Yes, the second book of the bible, that means in the greek, a way out or departure. We are leaving Egypt in the dust and crossing the red sea on dry land into a new land filled with new exciting opportunities.

Use your imagination and spiritual authority to realize, God has given you a personal Ticket! So, get in line with your ticket in hand. The time of departure has arrived to board your flight to the next destination of assignment. Shake off anything that seek to interrupt, distract or hold you captive from reaching your full potential. You deserve to fly high and to breathe a new sigh of relief and renewal.

In this stage of your life BE BRAVE enough to let go and let live. Your life is a living poem just waiting for you to Take the Lead. SEIZE THE MOMENT! The next destination is called Exodus.

Remember: Discipline is cheaper than regret!

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