Netflix’s New Movie: ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE


Anyone that know me well, truly understand I am a sucker for good romance movie. I just love, love.



Netflix new movie Always Be My Maybe headlined by comedian/actress Ali Wong and co-star actor Randall Park is insanely entertaining and charming. The story line basically features childhood sweethearts given the chance to reconnect after drifting apart after many years to finally discover the potential of the one that got away. This rom-com is the perfect weekend flick to chill at home with your favorite drink and a good ole snack-licious nearby.

Oh yeah, the musical soundtrack in this film is so on point that it makes you want to get up and dance. I promise gather some friends or take in a night alone; you will laugh, love and even a tear will probably appear. Again I say, you have to just love, love.

Check out the trailer:


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