NEW BOOK ALERT: Quinten Barnard, FITNESS MODEL Believes Thoughts Become Things

Top Model and Fitness enthusiast, Quinten Barnard in his new book entitled, A Spiritual Guide of 150 Affirmations and Quotes: Thoughts Become Things set a challenge before us to connect within for total mind, body and soul alignment to generate positive thinking of the mind. The power of thoughts become things.


According to Quinten, The things we ponder on eventually manifest in our lives. I truly believe that overcoming any obstacle in life takes a positive mind. However, a great deal of will and energy is also needed. These quotes and peaceful affirmations are my truths. They were thoughts of my deepest self-connection while spending time in the beautiful land of Maui, Hawaii. It is my hope that as you read this guide will bring you closer to the highest self.

We took a moment to ask Quinten three simple questions about his book. Check out his response to the questions below.

Why did u write the book? 

I wrote the book for encouragement. To empowering us as a whole. I feel love and positivity can help change the direction of anyone who’s in need.

Who inspired this book? 

The land of Maui wow!!!! being out there is truly magical I felt  closest to God  and my fellow ship that’s who.

Who do you believe this book speaks to?

It speaks to leaders of tomorrow. The kids with a dream, the youth most importantly anyone who needs God In there life.

Book is available at Click Here to Purchase


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