In route to the airport earlier today, I happened to be listening to the radio to learn Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z was releasing a new song on Friday, August 21st at midnight called, Entrepreneur in conjunction with Williams’ new TIME cover package, “The New American Revolution.”

As a result, I made note of it in my iPhone as a reminder to blog about this revolutionary move by Pharrell to raise a consciousness around economics, education and real opportunity for black people. In spite of the current state of America since COVID-19, I believe now is the perfect time to deliver a message of hope to the present and next generation of leaders. If this track is anything like I’m So Ambitious, I will definitely be vibing to this track for some time. To be black and ambitious is not popular; however, it is a necessary force in order to excel beyond systemic oppression aimed to keep black people at the bottom.

According to, This issue of TIME features conversations with Angela DavisTyler the CreatorNaomi OsakaGeoffrey Canada and more about the systemic inequalities that Black people have faced throughout United States’ history, and how a more equitable future might be achieved across policy, medicine, culture, sports and education. The song touches on some of the same themes: “In this position with no choice / The system imprison young Black boys / Distract with white noise,” Williams whispers.

“The intention for a song was all about how tough it is to be an entrepreneur in our country to begin with,” Williams tells TIME. “Especially as someone of color, there’s a lot of systemic disadvantages and purposeful blockages. How can you get a fire started, or even the hope of an ember to start a fire, when you’re starting at disadvantages with regards to health care, education, and representation?”

Pharrell Williams humanitarian efforts and the many nuggets he is dropping in the TIME Magazine online read is commendable. I love this statement by Pharrell, They keep saying the American Dream is about the house and picket fence, the wife and two kids. Come on—let’s be honest. It’s always boiled down to money and an opportunity.
The track Entrepreneur is genius.  It is clear the collaboration with Pharrell and Jay-Z is meant to emphasize the value of supporting Black businesses and starting one’s own ventures. In today’s society for black people a new way of operating, producing and thinking is required. Change is happening and the entry of a new normal is present.
Pharrell says, The song is trying to communicate that when we stick together, treat each other better and welcome each other, there’s more money and more opportunity for everyone.


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