Pre-Order Available NOW – UDISCOVER! 30 day E-Journal to Forging A New Path by Pastor Sammie


My heart is racing with excitement to release UDISCOVER! This is my first 30 day e-journal for those seeking to Forge a new Path of Authenticity, Freedom and Purpose. ON the positive side of this COVID-19 pandemic, it has pushed me to create and finish projects that would have been dormant. I am learning on a daily pressure is the breeding ground for new birth.

What I love about this e-journal is the fact, it capitulates the sentiments of my heart to bring people into a greater awareness of the God internally to live in peace, love and harmony. Our existence is greater than the present.  From origination, we were born with a God-compass to reign in dominion.

Over time life experiences may attempt to beat the living dreams out of us, but absolutely nothing can harness the relentless spirit of a champion. It is my earnest desire for every person to bankrupt the plan of defeat. There is purpose in you, discover it.


For only 30 days this e-journal requires you to reduce the speed of your life to listen to the wind of your soul speak to recharge, to revise, and to reimagine what a thing can be.  We are often busy moving at the speed of lightening hustling each day; however, shift the narrative center your mind, body and soul receptivity for divine revelation.

Seize this moment to have a God encounter!

The E-journal is an investment of only $5 available now for pre-order. (official release date: June 1, 2020)

Click Here to Pre-Order! 

Cashapp: $lovefreedommove

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