Happy New Year… Hello 2019

At the crest of New Years Eve, I made a decision to bust a new move from my traditional routine of welcoming the New Year.  It was my earnest intention to enter 2019 fearless, free from any past baggage and open to a new way of life for Sammi Haynes. No more wasting of my time, my wisdom and my peace in an effort to help others at the risk of losing my own sanity. The fact remains true, I must make the connection to the life of my soul versus the life I live.  The mission is for my cup to runneth over (Psalm 23) in order to have something to give out of my overflow. And in this season of my life the focus is to ensure my cup runneth over to become self full. It is imperative in the New Year the first order of business is to take care of YOU. The longevity of your life depends on it.

The year 2019 will be one of the greatest recordings of our lives. Trust your gut and your heart it will not lead you astray. Remember fear and faith exist in the same space especially when you are seeking to do something beyond your normative. The easy part is just having a dream; however, the challenge enters the room when you are taking the dream from idea to reality. It requires a consistent amount of perseverance no matter how long it takes to see the vision unfold and a acute level of flexibility as wisdom expands during the process to the dream. Nothing worth having comes easy without sacrifice. You will only discover how great you really are by your willingness to live on the edge.

Be methodical in purchasing a journal or notebook start writing out the vision to create strategy. Then match the written language with a visual representation placed in a specific area of your home to view everyday as a reminder of the dream. When we align our conscious and unconscious thoughts to our soul callings, we will experience a depth of revelation and elevation beyond our wildest dreams.

A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. (Proverb 18:16)

For those reading this blog, I want to encourage you in knowing Your loyalty, Your dedication and Your sweat equity invested in others is about to cash in for you.  The gift given from the beginning of your conception is coming into the light in order to position you in the presence of great men. Be not afraid but be fearless. Go Get It! This is the greatest time of your life not only to break chains but break records. You are a champion!

2019, We WIN!


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