I have been a Vegetarian/Vegan now for over 20 years.  When I travel on the road one of my go-to fast food restaurants is Burger King because they have the Morning Star brand veggie burger. However, in the last year I have avoided all Morning Star products to greater define my diet into a plant based vegan diet.

It was exciting to learn the new plant based IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER that is 100% Whopper and 0% beef first test market in 59 stores located in St. Louis  received an overwhelming response.  As a result, Burger King is expanding the Impossible Whopper to more market and predicted to appear in all stores nationally by the end of the year.

I can’t wait to taste Burger King’s new plant base Impossible Whopper.  When I do, I will share my reaction. Although, I will remove some of the condiments on the whopper such as mayo to ensure it is totally vegan and plant based. (lol)

Go to https://impossiblefoods.com/burgerking/ to find an Impossible Whopper near you.

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