LENA WAITHE graces the digital cover of PAPER MAGAZINE and Return of BET’s BOOMERANG in MARCH

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Fashion no matter the day of the week, never fails to evoke some type of emotion or aspiration. Emmy winning actress and producer, Lena Waithe posed to perfection wearing a custom look crafted by elite bespoke designer Richfresh with a 90’s motif as the backdrop is stunning. There is simply nothing to do except offer an arousing round of applause.

Lena Waithe is one of Hollywood’s most prodigious queer storytellers today. Her journey as an artist, actress, director and producer continues to create greater visibility to shift the culture. Many of us is currently in anticipation for the return of her BET series from the 90’s, BOOMERANG set to premiere March 11, 2020.

Read full Digital Cover Story PAPER MAGAZINE


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