Billionaire Pays It Forward! Eliminates the debt of Morehouse College 2019 Graduates

The 2019 graduates of the prestigious Morehouse College left campus on Sunday, May 19, 2019 to beat of a different drum called debt freedom.  The 2019 commencement speaker,  billionaire technology investor and philanthropist worth about $5 billion dollars (according to Forbes Magazine) Robert F. Smith took ownership of the class of 2019 graduates and challenged other alumni’s to follow his lead by paying it forward to other students. He announced to the senior graduates during his commencement speech, My family is going to create a grant to eliminate your student loans and of course the crowd erupted in response to his words.

Talk about Black Power! Mr. Smith unexpected act of giving back was definitely a culture shift. He is living proof  that your success is granted to empower, elevate, enrich the lives for the next generation of leaders. The Class of 2019 has been richly blessed to march into graduation with debt over their head, but within the ceremony an unexpected miracle happens that grants graduates a chance of a lifetime to leave commencement debt free. Won’t He do it!



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